See What our Customers are Saying…
See What our Customers are Saying…
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PrincessTrackmom says…5 star rating

My sons are students in the area and they raved about this spot. I went for the first time yesterday. I am from California, but I live in Las Vegas. This is the best diner experience ever. The service was awesome, the food was plentiful and amazing.

Only one small thing, my son asked for no mushrooms, and it looked like he got extra. However there may have been confusion since the meal came with mushrooms. He still ate it, because the waitress was so nice.

Sara says…5 star ratingSo good!! Inexpensive amazing food with great service!!

Matthew says…5 star ratingEat here all the time! Never had not one bad experience! Food is always excellent of course and for a fair price as well. Portions are awesome! Always love huge plate of biscuits and gravy! Owners and staff are friendly just like neighbors! Great vibes

Kayla says…5 star ratingBest food in town. I live a block away from this place and it is my favorite.

Cerise says…

5 star rating

We loved this place. Everyone who works there is so friendly and actually seem to like their jobs! Imagine that! The food was fresh and delicious, the service was fast and our orders were spot on. My husband had the half order of the chop line and could not finish it. I had scrambled eggs with a hamburger steak and some scones. I love their scones, I would also love the recipe This will be our go-to spot every time we travel through Cedar City. Thanks for doing a great job!

Randi says…5 star ratingI love it every time we go and eat in there. Prices are reasonable and there is a ton of food and it is always good. And Leah is the best waitress ever.

Stephen says…5 star ratingGreat place to eat! Friendly,fast, yummy! I’ll be back.

Brenda says…5 star ratingBest service ever. Love the food. I eat there every time I go back home.

Cheryl says…5 star rating

Had a great meal and our waitress was super friendly made sure we got all of our food at a good time. My meal was awesome the chicken fried steak tasted amazing! The mashed potatoes also were very very yummy! I’d totally eat here again!

Stephanie says…5 star rating

Definitely should be on your list to eat when you are visiting the area. They were super busy BUT that did not stop this place! Their customer service was great! Speed of service was impressive. And the food…..the food was delicious! Oh and the prices….wow! Thank you for keeping your food prices low! Yum!

James says…5 star rating

Wow. I’ve had three meals here. Last night, breakfast/brunch, and supper tonight. Different servers and hostesses.

Each meal was prepared well, plenty of food, and these are some of the nicest people…and being in the transportation industry, I see all types.

Anyone visiting Cedar City HAS to catch a meal here. You won’t be disappointed.

Alise says…5 star ratingMy family goes to st George quite frequently and it’s become a tradition to stop here on our way home. One of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to! The servers are so friendly and the food is fabulous. You get a more bang for your buck, great prices and a great dining experience. I’ll keep coming back for sure!!!

Jennifer says…5 star ratingI love that no matter when you go packed or not you’re in and out in the same amount of time. Foods good and hot and the wait staff is pretty awesome! Keep up the good work!

Austin says…5 star ratingThe All American Diner is by far one of the best diners I have experienced. All of their staff are super super friendly, homey and give top notch service. Their food is well priced for the amount you get (the best bang for your buck!) and it tastes absolutely amazing. Their selection is great I really like their breakfast as well as their wraps. If you are super hungry and in the mood for breakfast try their chowline, I guarantee it will fill you up…. that is if you can finish it.

Kelly says…5 star ratingYou can’t beat the amount of great food you get for the prices they charge. The waitresses are always wonderful and friendly and smiling. We love going there for great food and service.

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Open Daily from 7:00 am - 9:00 pm


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